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The Baseball Dream offers College Recruiting Services for high school players from freshman to senior year. This will include recruiting videos, school search help, college placement and more. 

College Showcase

The Baseball Dream will offer college showcases for high school players. This will take place in the summer before the colleges start Fall baseball.

Recruiting Seminars

There are too many myths in the college recruiting process and The Baseball Dream is ready to explain those myths. The biggest one is "If my son is good enough they will find him". This is the wrong way of thinking. Unless your son throws 90 MPH or hits 400 foot home runs they will NOT know about him. The player needs to do this work himself. We will explain to parents about the college recruiting process, how it works and what to look out for. There are many recruiting services charging players $3000+ to get your son on a team he might have been able to get on for free.

Current Team Leaders as of 6/16/2024

Noah Pane 0.00 ERA minimum .5 IP per game 

Noah Pane .400 Batting Avg. Minimum 2 AB a game 



Josh Britto 10 Innings Pitched

Noah Pane 4 SB

Jason Cosgrove 16 Strike Outs

Jayden Rodriguez 9 RBI's

Player Database

High School Athletes Eligible for Recruitment

Player Name
Graduation Year
High School
Chase Cioffi-Smith
North Branford High School
Gavin Pettit
1st Base
Wilcox Tech High School
Caleb Raymond
1st Base/3rd Base
North Branford High School
Noah Pane
2nd Base
Pomperaug High School
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